a man in handcuffs

Being notified that you have a warrant issued for your arrest is never something anyone wants to hear. However frightening this may be, it does happen from time to time. The important thing is to find out what needs to be done to resolve any possible issue before things get out of hand. There are a few different things that you should do and each will help to take care of the problems that you are facing.

Start by contacting a good criminal defense lawyer before you turn yourself in. Alternatively, you can have a family member or friend do this once you have been taken into custody. You will of course be given the chance to contact a lawyer once you are in custody but you should have a basic idea of what you are going to do before you turn yourself in. Avoiding the warrant is not going to make it go away and is likely going to make it far worse for you when you are apprehended.

A good criminal defense attorney will work to get you out of jail as they work on your case. However, turning yourself will bode well and show that you were not intending to run or evade police.  Later this will help your case when it goes to trial or negotiations. It is always best to cooperate. Your attorney will take the time to outline your case and help you understand the charges that are leveled against you.
You can try to go it alone but an attorney is always going to be your best bet. They may be able to get the charges either dismissed or reduced in the form of a plea deal.

For those looking for an attorney in the Fort Worth, Texas area, contact us. We can help you to take care of any outstanding warrants that you may be dealing with.