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If you were accused of a driving while intoxicated in Texas, you need a great DWI Attorney in Fort Worth. You can’t just select any lawyer for your representation. You’ll need one who’s well-versed in DUIs and DWIs and can lighten or even erase your sentence depending on the misdemeanor.

Time is also of the essence, since DUI and DWI cases tend to go to court more quickly compared to other legal suits. That means you can’t waste time with the wrong lawyer. By following these three tips, you can find a suitable DWI attorney in the Fort Worth area.

1. Research Them Well

What kind of experience does the law firm have dealing with DWI and DUI cases? What is the typical sentence of those charged with these misdemeanors when these lawyers fight for them? What other kind of experience does the law firm have? These are all great questions to have answered right away through research.

2. Know How Your Case Will Go

You must know who will cover your case, whether that’s the attorney themselves or another legal representative. It’s also preferable if your attorney can be there in court. You should have clear lines of communication, like email and phone, to get answers to questions as they crop up.

3. Be Ready for the Legal Fees

No legal representation is free. Make sure you figure out whether your attorney will charge a flat fee or additional legal expenses. Some attorneys charge hourly if they don’t do a flat fee. Also, make sure your preferred means of payment is allowed, be that checks or credit cards.

If you’re still looking for a lawyer, choose Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC. These Fort Worth criminal defense lawyers will protect your rights. You also may be able to get a free consultation if you’re under investigation for a criminal offense.

To learn more or set up your free consultation, call 817-502-3600.