a man searching for a job

If your looking for a job can potential employers run marijuana employment background checks on you? Many companies and businesses in the state of Texas will require you to complete a background check as a result of contingent employment. If you have marijuana use or possession on your record, this may be something that terrifies you. Marijuana is one of the most used illicit drugs in the United States and while some people never get caught with it, there are many others that do. If you are someone that has been caught with the drug, it is likely on your record. But will that actually show up on a background check? It may or may not.

Reasons Why It Wouldn’t Show Up

If you have a minor charge that is from over 7 years ago, you may be lucky and it might not show up at all. If your record is treated like a minor possession and it was handled by the local court, it may not be on there. This can depend on the company that your potential employer uses for the check as well but minor charges are less likely to show up in these cases. So that means if your charge was not a minor one, then it will likely show up. Another reason why it may not show up is if it has been sealed or expunged from your record. This is a good option to look in to if you do have something like this on your record. Typically, there are certain conditions that need to be met in order for this to happen. To learn more about it, be sure to contact one of our expert marijuana attorneys here at Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC. We can also help you if you are currently facing criminal marijuana charges.

What To Do If It Shows Up On Your Record

Unfortunately, if it does show up on your record, there may not be much you can do in the moment to help save your job offer. This can depend on the employer, what they are looking for, the job, and how recent your conviction is. It is always a good idea to talk with your potential employer to see if there is anything you can do to still work there. They may decide to send you for a drug test as a result. If the job does not work out, the best thing you can do is prepare for when this happens in the future. As mentioned before, you can have this removed or possibly hidden on your record. This is likely the best course of action.

Your best option in this situation is to work with a competent, experienced attorney like the team at Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do to help you with your situation.