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When owning a firearm in Texas, you want to know the laws and how they may impact you. The gun laws in Texas seem lax because the state does allow residents to purchase and carry a gun. The challenge is determining when the law fits your specific situation. When you carry a firearm in your car, are you within your legal rights?

Texas Gun Laws Related to Vehicles

Texas gun laws allow you to keep a gun or firearm in your vehicle. You must pass a background check to buy a gun. After that point, you can keep it in your house or car. If your workplace allows you to keep a gun, then you can legally keep your gun in your workplace.

Depending on the type of gun you purchase, you may need to comply with additional laws. For example, you need a permit to open carry a handgun. That means you must go through a training course, complete an examination and show proficiency in handling the gun.

The gun laws primarily relate to open-carry permits. If you do not carry the gun openly, then you may not need the same level of training. You can legally keep a gun in your vehicle for self-defense. Police may raise concerns if you are not storing the gun properly in your vehicle. You want to make sure you lock up the gun or take measures to secure your gun for safety reasons.

Open and Conceal Carry Laws

Open carry and conceal carry laws in Texas give you the flexibility to carry a gun for your protection. If you want to open-carry a handgun, you must obtain a permit and go through the training course. When you show proficiency for the gun and you pass the exam, you may receive a permit to carry a handgun. You also need a conceal carry permit to carry a concealed weapon. The only exception is when you are traveling. The gun must stay hidden in your vehicle, so it cannot be in plain sight.

Seeking Legal Aid

If you have been arrested for illegally carrying a firearm, then you want to work with the right criminal defense lawyers. Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC offers the legal advice to help with your situation.

We know the state gun laws and how they apply to legal situations. In Texas, you can legally keep a gun in your car as long as you have a license, pass a background check and reach the legal age to buy the gun. Generally, that means adults over 21 with a license or open carry permit can legally keep a gun in their vehicle. The police may arrest you if they notice the gun and have concerns about the safety of your passengers. You may also face charges if you do not have your license or permit at the time of your arrest.

Gun ownership is a legal right in Texas, but you must comply with state laws to avoid potential legal challenges. To learn more about the state’s gun laws or to discuss your case with a lawyer, contact Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC today.