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It’s important to know how being charged with a DWI may affect your professional license. Charges of driving under the influence, or a DWI, may impact your professional license in the state of Texas. By working with a criminal defense lawyer from Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC in Fort Worth, you may have options to limit the impact on your professional license and even prevent a conviction in certain situations.

DWI and Professional License – Suspended

A DWI may result in a suspended professional license. The specific details depend on the type of license and your role as a professional. For example, a medical professional like a nurse or doctor may have a license suspended for the duration of an investigation into the charges and any convictions related to the criminal case. A professional may have further inquiries into the situation when you are convicted of a DWI when compared to dropped charges.

Losing a License

Although a suspension of your license is a common concern for certain professional licenses, the charges of a DWI may also result in losing your professional license. After an investigation into the situation, a medical professional may lose a license due to the risks to the patients. Other professionals may face similar concerns after a conviction.

Working with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer provides a solution to reduce the professional risks associated with a DWI charge. Ideally, you want to work with a professional to defend against the charges or to limit the impact of the charges to your professional career. Since the situation impacts your options, a lawyer helps you determine when to consider taking a deal or when to move through the courts. You should be aware that a second DWI charge or subsequent charges may cause further complications in relation to professional licensing.

Working as a professional with a license does not mean you will always lose a license after a DWI charge. By working with professional lawyers in Fort Worth, you reduce the risk of losing your professional license and career goals. Contact us today.