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Learn if Texas really does have recreational marijuana laws. What are the laws inTexas and how can they effect you? Know your rights.

You may be curious to learn if there are any Texas recreational marijuana laws. Anyone whose paid the slightest bit of attention to national trends concerning marijuana laws is aware that many states have made big changes in recent years. Many states have passed laws relating to legalizing both medicinal and recreational use of the drug. However, Texas isn’t among the states that have enacted this type of legislation. Those who are arrested on charges involving marijuana stand to face serious legal consequences. Under the Texas Controlled Substance Act, you run the risk of doing time in the event you’re caught with even a small amount of cannabis. This is where the legal experts at Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC come in. 

We’re a criminal defense firm conveniently situated in downtown Fort Worth. Not only are each of us skilled in the fine art of criminal defense, we’ve also put in our time as prosecutors, providing us with the kind of inside knowledge of the criminal justice system that only a prosecuting attorney can have. Because laws involving cannabis are changing at a rapid pace, we make it our business to keep current on them so that we can do better work on the behalf of our clients. 

The most frequently prosecuted crimes in the Fort Worth area involving marijuana involve simple possession. In Texas, possession of less than two ounces of marijuana carries a potential sentence of 180 days in jail and a potential $2,000 fine. Concentrated forms such as hash oil carry far more serious penalties than standard marijuana possession involving smaller amounts. However those caught carrying much larger amounts of marijuana face significant fines and incarceration in a Texas prison.

Since there currently are no Texas recreational marijuana laws, some court in Texas allow some first-time offenders to enter a drug diversion program in lieu of going to prison. We can negotiate this on your behalf with the prosecuting attorney if this situation is applicable in your case. 

Please feel free to reach out to our staff at your convenience for a free consultation concerning your case for more information on how we can help you navigate the murky legal waters involved with an arrest on marijuana related charges in the state of Texas.