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If you’ve been arrested on a criminal charge, you’ll need a good criminal defense attorney. Criminal charges can be filed against you for a variety of reasons, but you don’t have to face these charges alone. Here are three things you should know when facing criminal charges.

1. An Experienced Attorney Gives You the Best Chance of Achieving a Favorable Outcome

In Fort Worth, Texas and all the states in the union, prosecutors have to prove the accused person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that if your defense attorney is able to raise a reasonable doubt during the trial, the jury must come back with a verdict of “not guilty.” In order for this to happen, it’s essential that you work with a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney with experience with your particular criminal charge. Each kind of criminal charge carries with it particular nuances and circumstances, that an experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to understand and use for your trial. When facing criminal charges in Fort Worth, choose a criminal defense attorney who has “been there” before and knows how best to handle your defense.

2. Seek Representation Even If You’re Only Under Investigation

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to hire a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer until you’ve actually been arrested. Often, it makes sense to seek representation even if you’re “only” under investigation. While most people would agree that it makes sense to always help law enforcement with their investigation, authorities are not infallible. You could become a victim of mistaken identity or something else if you are not legally represented early on in the investigation. If you’re in this situation, contact the law offices of Gebhardtm & Eppes, PLLC for a consultation.

3. Never Assume You Are Above Prosecution

If you are being investigated for a criminal offense, or have been arrested for a criminal offense, it’s important that you not assume you will be exonerated. Any criminal offense is punishable up to the maximum allowable by law, even if you’ve never been accused or implicated in a crime in the past. While your past reputation may be honorable, you can’t rely on it to automatically get you “off the hook” for a criminal offense in which you’ve been named.  At the first sign of criminal legal trouble, you should consult a good criminal defense attorney to help you decide the best course of action.
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