Penal Code

Penal Code

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime in Texas you need an experienced team of criminal defense lawyers to represent you in court. The Texas Penal Code governs the laws with regard to criminal offenses in Texas. The purpose of the Texas Penal Code is to establish a system of “prohibitions, penalties, and correctional measures to deal with someone charged with a crime.


The Texas Penal Code is intended to achieve the following:

  1. Deter someone from committing a future crime;
  2. Rehabilitate someone convicted of a crime; and
  3. Punish those convicted of a crime

The way the Texas Penal Code sets out to do those three goals is to define and grade those offenses to give warning to someone and put them on notice for the consequences of a crime, list penalties that are in line with the severity of the crime, to provide a checks and balance for law enforcement, and define the boundaries with which the State can enforce the laws contained in the Texas Penal Code.


The Texas Penal Code sets out all the laws and crimes for which one can be accused. If you or a loved on is charged with a crime in Texas you need an experienced Fort Worth Criminal lawyer to help guide you through the process. Call for a free consultation.



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