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Fort Worth Traffic Offenses Attorneys​Traffic offenses do not strike most people as being much more than an occasional annoyance. Most alleged offenders simply pay their tickets without giving the matter much thought.

While being issued a ticket for a traffic offense does not seem as serious as being placed under arrest, even seemingly minor infractions can have consequences later on. The points that are added to a driver’s record may result in increased insurance rates, possible surcharges, and maybe even license suspensions.

Fort Worth Lawyer for Traffic Lawyer

If you received a speeding or any other kind of traffic ticket in Tarrant County, you should strongly consider having legal counsel fight to get fines reduced or charges dismissed. Townsend, Gebhardt & Eppes, PLLC represents clients who have been ticketed for driving offenses in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, Cleburne, and many other surrounding areas in North Central Texas.

Our Fort Worth traffic offenses attorneys have more than three decades of combined legal experience. The attorneys can review your citation and discuss your options as soon as you call (817) 502-3600 to take advantage of a free initial consultation.

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Types of Texas Traffic Attorney

Moving violations (also called traffic offenses) are defined under Title 37 Texas Administrative Code § 15.89 as being acts “committed in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle on a public street or highway, which constitutes a hazard to traffic and is prohibited by state law or city ordinance.” The Administrative Code lists more than 200 traffic infractions that constitute moving violations in Texas.

Some of the most common ones that Townsend, Gebhardt & Eppes, PLLC handles include, but are not limited to:

  • Speeding Tickets;
  • Moving Violations;
  • Reckless Driving;
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident;
  • Evading Arrest;
  • Racing on a Highway; and
  • Habitual Traffic Violator.

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Driver’s License Points in Fort Worth

Certain moving traffic violation convictions result in points being applied to a motorist’s driving record. The points remain on the driver record for three years.

Under Texas Transportation Code § 708.052, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) assigns the following points for each conviction arising out of a separate transaction:

  • Two points for a moving violation of the traffic law in Texas or another state; and
  • Three points for a moving violation of the traffic law in Texas or another state that resulted in an accident.

Motorists who accumulate six or more points on their driver records are assessed a surcharge every year they maintain six or more points. Surcharges are $100 for the first six points on a driver record and $25 for each additional point after six.

Surcharges need to be paid within 105 days or a person’s driver license will be suspended. Driving privileges remain suspended until all surcharges and related costs are paid in full or an installment agreement has been established.

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Texas Resources for Traffic Lawyer

Traffic & General Citations | City of Fort Worth, Texas — You have several plea options for a traffic citation on this website. If you want to enter a no contest or guilty plea, you can simply pay the fine or check if you are eligible to take a driving safety course or receive deferred disposition (probation). If you want to enter a plea of not guilty, then you can contest the citation online or contest the citation by mail or in person.

Fort Worth Municipal Court
1000 Throckmorton Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 392-6700

Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) — The DRP was created in 2003 under Chapter 708 of the Texas Transportation Code. It requires DPS to apply surcharges to people with certain traffic convictions, and these surcharges are in addition to any other fees. You can learn more about the difference between point-based surcharges and conviction-based surcharges on this website.

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Find a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Fort Worth, TX

Were you recently issued a traffic ticket in North Central Texas? It is in your best interest to consider all of your options and any possible consequences of simply paying any fine.

Townsend, Gebhardt & Eppes, PLLC helps people ticketed in neighborhoods throughout Parker County, Johnson County, Tarrant County, and many surrounding areas. You can have our Fort Worth traffic offense attorneys review your case by calling (817) 502-3600 or submitting an online form to set up a free consultation.

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