Family Violence Conviction

Family Violence Conviction

An offense resulting in a conviction with a family violence finding has many collateral consequences. While the family violence finding on a judgment and sentence may not seem like a major issue, it can result in losing many things we take for granted.

If one is convicted of a misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury to a family member that prior conviction can be used to enhance the range of punishment and the degree of offense if one is charged with a second assault on a family member. The prior conviction for family violence subjects you to a felony charge. The importance of not having a family violence finding on a prior conviction is clear. A prior assault without a family violence finding would not subject you to a felony charge upon a second charge.


This page contains general answers to the most common questions about how family violence assault cases are handled in Travis County, Texas. Regular assault and aggravated assault cases are handled differently and are discussed here.

  • Where will I go to court for a family violence case?
  • What if the alleged victim wasn’t actually injured?
  • What are “conditions of bond” in family violence assault cases?
  • What is the Batterer Intervention and Prevention Program?
  • What are the collateral consequences of a family violence conviction?
  • Can I drop the charges in a family violence case?
  • Is Project Options really necessary for a dismissal?
  • What is the role of victim services counselors?
  • Do I have to testify at trial in a family violence case?
  • What if the alleged victim is not actually a family member?
  • What does “bodily injury” mean in an assault case?
  • What is a “choking allegation” in a family violence case?
  • What is the penalty range for assault with family violence?
  • How can I determine if the charge is regular assault or family violence?

What is wrong with Deferred Adjudication for family violence cases?



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