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Can a DWI Lawyer Help My Case? Why Having One Is Essential.

 If you are facing a DWI charge then the situation may seem daunting. Is there anything you can do to help your charges? After all, you don’t want this single mistake to rip apart your life. With the help of an experienced DWI lawyer, you may be able to get more information and insight into what your options are before you head to court. While a busy court-appointed attorney can be helpful, a knowledgeable,… Read more

Marijuana & Employment Background Checks

  Many companies and businesses in the state of Texas will require you to complete a background check as a result of contingent employment. If you have marijuana use or possession on your record, this may be something that terrifies you. Marijuana is one of the most used illicit drugs in the United States and while some people never get caught with it, there are many others that do. If you are someone… Read more

How Warrants Can Negatively Impact Your Life.... And What To Do About It

  It’s possible that people can have warrants issued for them and not even realize it. These warrants won’t go away on their own, so they basically follow you forever. Imagine being pulled over for a simple traffic stop only to end up being arrested for a warrant you weren’t aware of. What Are Warrants and How Do They Work? Arrest warrants are official documents signed by judges that authorize law… Read more

Can A DWI Be Removed From Your Record In Texas?

  You may be wondering if a DWI in Texas can be removed from your record or if it’s going to follow you the rest of your life. DWI, or “driving while intoxicated” can have steep consequences. A DWI on your record can impact many different areas of your life. Having this black mark can prevent you from obtaining certain jobs, raise your vehicle insurance rates and can even impact how much interest… Read more

Can a DWI be a Felony in the State of Texas?

  Driving while intoxicated, or DWI for short, is a serious offense in Texas. Despite the safeguards in place, sometimes people do make mistakes. If you are pulled over for a DWI, it is important to know what consequences you are facing and if that would go on your permanent record. More importantly, it is good to know what classifies as a felony DWI and what doesn’t. Can a DWI be a Felony in the… Read more

Can I Legally Possess Marijuana in Texas?

  The legal possession of marijuana in Texas has been a difficult subject for some time. That is partially because there are differences between federal and state laws, and partially because Texas has been one of the states that is slower to come around to the idea of marijuana being legal for medicinal or recreational purposes. Generally, possession of marijuana in Texas is still illegal, but there… Read more

Is It True A First Time DWI Offense Can Be Dismissed?

  When it comes to a DWI offense in Texas, there can be significant fines and serious penalties. But in some cases, there is also the possibility of dismissal of the charges. That generally comes about when it is a first time offense and there are other extenuating circumstances. Because a DWI case in Texas can have serious consequences, it means that finding the right lawyer to help with your case… Read more

How To Deal With an Outstanding Warrant

  When it comes to having an outstanding warrant for your arrest, the best thing you can do is get it taken care of right away. If you do not handle the problem, it can result in you being detained and arrested if you are stopped or questioned by police for anything. You do not want that to happen, as it can be both inconvenient and embarrassing. You may also find that you are required to pay more… Read more

In Texas, Is It Legal To Have A Firearm in Your Car?

  When owning a firearm in Texas, you want to know the laws and how they may impact you. The gun laws in Texas seem lax because the state does allow residents to purchase and carry a gun. The challenge is determining when the law fits your specific situation. When you carry a firearm in your car, are you within your legal rights? Texas Gun Laws Related to Vehicles Texas gun laws allow you to keep… Read more

How Much Will A DWI Cost Me in Texas?

  The price of a DWI is going up in Texas and other states. That is partially because of the fees and court costs, but also partially because the price of insurance on your vehicle often rises sharply after you have a DWI conviction on your record. That insurance price can stay high for a long time, as well, and that is something you will continue to pay for, potentially for years into the future.… Read more
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