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How To Choose The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested on criminal charges in or near Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll need the services of criminal defense attorneys. But how do you know which one to choose? It’s essential you choose one that best suits your needs, in order for you to have the best chances of getting fair treatment in the Fort Worth court system. Here’s a guide to help you.

Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer With Direct Experience With Your Charge

You’ll want a criminal defense attorney that fully understands your situation, and has experience handling similar cases. The criminal defense attorneys at Townsend, Gebhardt & Eppes, LLC, have direct experience with cases such as DWI’s, marijuana and other drug offenses, property crimes, prostitution and other sex related charges, weapons charges and charges of violence, among others. Don’t settle for a lawyer unless you know for certain they have specifically handled cases just like yours.

Look for a Non-Judgmental Lawyer

Your criminal defense lawyer should never treat you with disrespect or judgment. The situation is that you need legal representation, not a guidance counselor. Your rights will be honorably represented when you choose a non-judgmental law firm in Fort Worth such as Townsend, Gebhardt & Eppes.

Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer With a Solid Reputation

Lawyers get reputations just like anyone else. You want someone on your side with a solid reputation in the judicial system and in the community. Opt for a criminal defense law firm with many years of serving the criminal defense needs of residents in Fort Worth, instead of working with some lawyer who no one’s ever heard of. The more experience and better reputation your criminal defense lawyer has, the better they’ll be able to ensure you receive a fair trial.

Being charged with a criminal offense is serious business. You can expect that your situation will be treated with seriousness and respect by the experienced law firm of Townsend, Gebhardt & Eppes. Call or email now for a free consultation.

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